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CK Engineering

The Right Partner For Your Project

  • End-to-End development process, through dialog and collaboration, we come up with the best strategies and response to the issue that matter most to our clients and to ensure  they achieve their goals.

  • Using our years of experience and deep knowledge of process and engineering, we work closely partners, to deliver a product from its early IDEA stage, to and through PRODUCTION

  • Viable solutions, proven results in the global industry of manufacturing and production


Partnership and Commitment Throughout the Project

Over 20 years of experience, providing an effective end-to-end solution
in multidisciplinary environment developing and manufacturing products, over a wide range of industrial sectors, with expertise in Plastics, Metal and Electronics arena.

Engineering Sketch
  • Project Management

  • Engineering

  • Productions Solutions

Strategic and Feasibility

Project analysis overlooking the whole process from idea to production


Industrial and Mechanical Design

Brain storming, design review, decisions and execution

Prototyping and Evaluation

Mechanical prototypes for evaluation tests
Design prototypes for presentations and show

3d printing.jpg


Getting all the parts ready for production, DFM, DFA, procurement, materials definitions

Assembly Line Design

Designing and optimizing production lines, maximizing capacity and efficiency including automation and QC procedures along the line

capt_ 107.jpg


Customer satisfaction requirements to be meet by the right design and materials selection throughout the development process

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